What are your thoughts on global warming?

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      Theres to much talking and not enough doing by world leaders and it needs to be done now. Too many times have we heard the phrase "We plan to reduce carbon emissions by X amount in 2021/22/23"  It'll be too late by then
      PS. Has anyone read Portent by James Herbert? Written in 1992. Mother Earth kicks back.


        • GTnLynn

          I believe it is definitely a fact and it is being accelerated by human use of fossil fuels and other factors.

          • Gossamerwings

            It's worrying and not enough is being done to protect our beautiful planet .


            • Disguised

              Humm... yes it happening....but...is it just part of a big earth cycle....

              • pennynoodles

                It is definitely happening; in my own life span I have seen the way the weather has changed. Im not sure that much can really be done to halt it though. 

                • Cornish Pasty
                  Cornish Pasty

                  There is supposedly a new ice age on the way It's all part of the natural cycle