What is the coolest thing you've ever been for Halloween?

    Asked by Hermione Answers (7)

    7 Answers

      • ATM Vickie
        ATM Vickie

        I don't recall ever dressing up for Halloween 

        • malcontent

          when I was much younger, I had a stormtrooper mask in a sweatshirt hoodie.   somehow it worked out alright.

          • Cross Product
            Cross Product

            Leonid Brezhnev

          • Mj70 (Banned)

            Back in the early 80's,  some friends and I went as Devo.

            • DoctorLove

              I did a zipper-face last year. Kinda embarrassed how much fun I had with the latex and make-up lol. The tutorials get you a pretty great result first try.

              • Tallpowerhouseblonde

                Two years ago I dressed up as a sexy witch.

                • Lisa

                  Raggedy Ann