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    What are points?

    Points are rewarded anytime an action is completed on the site. In a future update they will be more significant allowing selection of vanity titles  and or other perks.  

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    How do I get points?

    There are many ways to get points, they all involve being active in some form or another within the ATM community. inviting a friend to the site (and they join): 25 Posting a blog/story: 10 Starting new discussion: 9 Creating a group/experience: 7 Replying to discussion: 7 Starti...

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    How do I change my Displayed Name?

    You can change your display name by going to the settings page. Scroll to the top of the page and select settings on the right top of the screen.

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    How can I change my username?

    You can change your username by clicking settings in the upper right corner, and then clicking change username.

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    How can I report a BUG?

    You can report a bug by making a new support ticket and selecting bug as the type.

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    Why can't I see adult Groups and or Content?

    Adult content and groups does not show up unless you have set your profile to adult.  You can change the option by going to your profile and clicking edit.  

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    What does irt mean if it says a member was banned?

    It means simply they have been removed from the site for violation of TOS.  Most common reasons for being banned include spam / advertising or if found to be underage.

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