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      I sleep with my stepson

      As I've said, my husband is much older than me. I have no kids of my own but my husband has a grown up son. He split from his girlfriend and so came to stop with us for a while. As you know, I wear short skirts, high heels, low cut tops. So whenever I'm around, I notice him checking me ou...

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        I am married and sleep around

        So as you know, I'm married. My husband is much older than me but he isn't that interested in sex. I have a very high sex drive and although he will manage the occasional fumble, it will never be enough to satisfy me. This is why I will regularly sleep with other men, it's a basic need for m...

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          What makes a slut?

          I'm married, I cheat and open my legs to anyone. So I consider myself a slut. But wondered what other people's definition of a slut is?

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