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      UK Historical wars

      I'd like to share a few notable war/ battles that took place in UK.  1337 - 100 year war (despite it's name it lasted 116 years) 1415 - Battle of Agnicourt won by England,  1455 - 38 year war (in search for King of England) 1461 - Edward 5th wins Battle of Towton&nbs...

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        Repeat repeat and repeat

        When we hear "History repeats itself" we reflect, "How very much true." Maybe you see politics same as 20 years ago, making 1000 promises but keeping one or maybe you look in the mirror n see Grandpa!   Let's see it in grand of things. Now, someone 20 odd years ...

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          Searching your family history is like constantly trying to solve a mystery.
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            • Sukhdeep

              Can you name one era that took place on Earth?

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                Earth's History

                If bones/ skeleton were made to expire then history would have been 100% lost! Neanderthals, mammoths' remains uncovered. Dinosaurs! Just to think the mountains and hills we walk on today was shared by magnificent creatures n beasts at one point in life. If mountains n hills did not bare t...

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                  In which century did King Offa become King?

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