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    • Gina

      Shake My Tits

      Shaking my tits

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      • John Tucker


        A while back, a friend of mine was complaining that her breasts are too small. I told her that some of us arent really into big breasts. I am a nipplemaniac. I love nipples. I could'nt care less about the breast size. As long as she has nice nipples I am happy. But then I got to thi...

        Tags: Nipples

        • John Tucker

          To Stare or Not to Syare

            Hello all. Heard something on the radio about how men spend about 45 minutes a day staring at women. Thats about a year in a lifetime.  I also hear women complain about it. And at times with good reason. Men do tend to go overboard in the looking department. I try not to stare...

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