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  • Skye (Banned)

    Lonely Friday Night

    So it's Friday night, we are on vacation and everyone has gone to bed early after a long day on the beach....except me, I am so incredibly horny I actually can't fall asleep!! I am lying here thinking I could just go knock on the door of the guys staying up the hall and ask them to help a girl o...

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  • Skye (Banned)

    Truth or Dare...Part 2

    As Michael and Sarah made their way off the plane, they had discussed where they were staying and were delighted to realize their hotels were across the road from each other. They agreed to meet in the lobby of Sarah's hotel at 7 and get a bite to eat. Following on their escapade on the plane...

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  • Skye (Banned)

    Late night gym visit

    So I'm sitting at a car wash and it seems even in these mundane moments my alter ego has a story to share...😉.... Jade had worked a double shift but knew she needed to head to the gym, too many days away just meant her fitness fell behind and she'd been working to hard at getting her now 40 ...

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  • Skye (Banned)

    Online hook up

    For months they had been chatting since their paths crossed on a social network, it's like they had always known each other...they could talk about every day things and at the same time there was a huge chemistry brewing between them. Many conversations would describe how they wanted each other, ...

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