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  • I love a mouthful of cum

    I love a mouthful of cum

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  • My girlfriend likes to watch me suck cock

    My girlfriend likes to watch me suck cock

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    • Londonorbital Man

      The snip

      I have only ever enjoyed bareback sex. It really is the only way to enjoy the fullest of intimacy. If the woman I'm with wasn't on the pill (or if I wasn't sure she was) I used to pull out and cum on her belly or arse. However since I've had a vasectomy I quite happily cum inside ...

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      • Cathy


        This is my pussy al wet and ready , I enjoy dressing up Mmmmm

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        • Londonorbital Man


          Bare back sex is the only way, no losing the moment putting them on, skin to skin. Perfect. And then seeing my cum drip out of her pussy or arse... I used to have a fuck buddy. We would have sex in my car early in the morning and then she would travel up to London on the crowded train with her...

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          • Cathy

            Picture Tributes

            Is there any men out there who enjoy doing tributes, I post my pictures and I enjoy seeing the results of men enjojing me and then sending to me for me to then enjoy further . Mmmmmm

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          • Tribute my pussy

            Tribute my pussy

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          • Skye (Banned)

            Truth or Dare...Part 2

            As Michael and Sarah made their way off the plane, they had discussed where they were staying and were delighted to realize their hotels were across the road from each other. They agreed to meet in the lobby of Sarah's hotel at 7 and get a bite to eat. Following on their escapade on the plane...

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          • Skye (Banned)

            Couch surfer encounter (1)

            Jen's hubby had been assigned a 6 month contract out of town and while she needed to stay home due to school commitments with her kids, she would miss him, but thought it would be a welcome break. A few weeks in, all was going well, bar the lonely nights, when the kids had gone to bed and all ...

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          • Cum Lovers

            Cum Lovers

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