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  • Skye (Banned)

    Truth or Dare

    The flight had been delayed and she had run out of social networks to check in on. She closed her phone and looked around, making eye contact with the gent sitting in the aisle seat diagonally in front of her. They gave each other a little grin of acknowledgement. As the wait continued they bega...

    Tags: airplane, truth, dare, finger

  • Skye (Banned)

    Truth or Dare...Part 2

    As Michael and Sarah made their way off the plane, they had discussed where they were staying and were delighted to realize their hotels were across the road from each other. They agreed to meet in the lobby of Sarah's hotel at 7 and get a bite to eat. Following on their escapade on the plane...

    Tags: oral, truth, dare, cum, climax, orgasm