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  • I Have Depression

    I Have Depression

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    Depression support group
    • Cross Product

      It was a dark and stormy night

      I'm sitting on the floor of the shower, the red ribbons strangely lumpy and undiluted as they make their way to the drain.  They weren't serious cuts, just something to make it hurt less.  I had taken about a hundred lorazepam tablets and was busy drinking some unnamed horrible ...

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    • I Hate Winter

      I Hate Winter

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      For people who hate winter but endure it anyway
      • Justme

        Me Too

        I have been in treatment for about 8 yrs now.I tried to end it once and thats one time Im glad I failed.Im a fighter.Like any professional fighter,Ive needed help to win and so far im doing that.Please,never be afraid to seek out help!

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      • I Am A Manic Depressive

        I Am A Manic Depressive

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        Manic depression, bipolar disorder
        • Kaitlyn24


          So, it's the Friday before 4th of July and I am hoping that my doctor gets the results of the emergency MRI I had yesterday. It will tell if the tumor the found in my head is cancerous or not. I'm terrified of dying. Of leaving the people I love. Mostly my guy and our little cat. But I ha...

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