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    I am English

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    • Sukhdeep

      UK Historical wars

      I'd like to share a few notable war/ battles that took place in UK.  1337 - 100 year war (despite it's name it lasted 116 years) 1415 - Battle of Agnicourt won by England,  1455 - 38 year war (in search for King of England) 1461 - Edward 5th wins Battle of Towton&nbs...

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    • I Love Genealogy

      I Love Genealogy

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      Searching your family history is like constantly trying to solve a mystery.
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        • Sukhdeep

          Can you name one era that took place on Earth?

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          • Sukhdeep

            Earth's History

            If bones/ skeleton were made to expire then history would have been 100% lost! Neanderthals, mammoths' remains uncovered. Dinosaurs! Just to think the mountains and hills we walk on today was shared by magnificent creatures n beasts at one point in life. If mountains n hills did not bare t...

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            • Sukhdeep

              In which century did King Offa become King?

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