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    • Travers


      About me: My name is Bryan. Vermont is where he's been living for lengthy. Procuring is could make money but I've already applied an additional one. The favorite hobby and her kids end up being cycle and she's been doing it for some time. Check out my website here:

      • Fairbairn


        About me: ...akako may be the name I love to be called with and i think it sounds quite good when you say understand it. To research fashion is earn money . hobby my aunt doesn't approve of....

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        • TMack


          In fit condition. I used to be very active in pursuit of a career and hobby. Time to move on to do other things.

          • goagainsttheflow

            I'm Learning To Belly Dance, Everyone!

   solos. I'm not anywhere near perfect but I still practice throughout the week and I've finally seen some improvement! I think this is a hobby I'll definitely stick wit...

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            • GTnLynn

              Answer on I need a hobby..Any suggestions ??

              I accidentally stumbled into genealogy as a potential hobby 25 years ago, and now it has become an obsession.  It's fun and you meet lots of cousins all over the country.

              • Disguised

                Answer on I need a hobby..Any suggestions ??

                You have time for a hobby? ... I know become a computer programmer and start your own social site. You could call Vickie Princes..... Or VP ....for short....kinda has a familiar ring to it.

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                • goagainsttheflow

                  Basic Crochet Stitching

                  Today I finally mastered single and double crochet stitching. Triple stitching was very challenging. I was able to do it but at a slower pace and had to redo a few of them. I'm going to practice these techniques a few more times before going to the next set of directions i...

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                  • goagainsttheflow

                    I Made an Ear Warmer!

                    I don't know why but I'm unable to upload anything to my album from my phone, but hopefuly the picture will show up here (if not, oh well)! Earlier today, I finished my second crochet project! I made an ear warmer. I've been busy so it took a few weeks to make, but I finally fini...

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