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    • FFurter

      Naked is natural

      I love being completely naked as much as possible; where I have the chance to be seen is best!  Naked hiking, naked bike riding, naked driving, naked pumping gas, naked hotel balconies and hallways, naked parking lots, I've done all those. Some have been just for the pleasure of being...

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      • FFurter

        Of course I do!

        I love posting pictures of my naked exploits. Today I'm posting this from my phone and I don't have any pictures, so I'll have to post one later. Until then, check out the pics under my profile and send me your comments!

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        • FFurter

          Naked on a public road

            While out hiking recently, I saw an opportunity to snap a [picture that was appropriate to my hike. The trail crossed a two lane road, and just before the crossing was a sign warning of hikers. To me it looks like a nude hiker. What do you think?  

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          • FFurter


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            • FFurter


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              • Uhohuhoh

                How many men have seen your wife naked?

                How many men have seen your wife topless or naked while you were there ? What were the circumstances and how did you feel?

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                • Londonorbital Man

                  Showing off at the window

                  My living room used to look out over a narrow street into a park area. I had no curtains in that room. I was naked watching porn, my cock was very hard. I knew that people could see in if they really looked. But because it was darker in my room than outside they really had to look delib...

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                  • Peter Johnson

                    being seen naked...

                    Can there be anything more fun than running around

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                    • Peter Johnson

                      getting caught

                      Getting caught exposing

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                      • Peter Johnson

                        got caught

                        So it's a beautiful day out and I just finished cleaning a pool for a friend. When I got there no one was home. About 15 minutes after getting comfortable laying in the sun I get this picture sent to me with the caption, I see you !!! Turned out to be an interesting day after all....

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                        • Peter Johnson

                          naked outdoors

                          Gone fishing naked

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                          • FFurter

                            Naked encounters at the beach

                            I have enjoyed my encounters at clothing optional beaches, specifically Haulover beach in south Florida, and Playalind beach in central Florida. I've enjoyed pleasant conversations; I've asked for pictures to be taken of me by people I've just met (so I can remember the experience...

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                            • ammber1997

                              Finally I've found a group for this!

                              I have this weird kink, it's kinda embarrassing and a little dorky to say so don't judge :P To get to my house from my friends a have to walk across a pretty big park, which at night is completely pitch black. Sometimes I purposefully make sure I'm gunna walk across there in the early...

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