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  • I love Having a Pussy

    I love Having a Pussy

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  • I Enjoy My Period Cramps

    I Enjoy My Period Cramps

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  • I am Overly Promiscuous

    I am Overly Promiscuous

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  • I Love Being Cuddled

    I Love Being Cuddled

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  • I Love Doggy Style

    I Love Doggy Style

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  • MelissaH (Banned)


    Former model for Angels,Dream, Fox & Rose, Oakley Sunglasses, One Teaspoon, Fredericks of Hollywood, Pepe Jeans,,and Ralph Lauren. I am now an exotic dancer for private parties catering to corporations, conventions, sports,teams, etc The week I graduated high school my parents and 3 s...

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  • Curious (Banned)


    im again extremely horny looking for some help!! Message me for kik or skype info... Need it like NOW!! 

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  • Bisexuality is Fun!

    Bisexuality is Fun!

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    A group for bisexual people
  • I wish someone found me irresistible

    I wish someone found me irresistible

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    A group for people who want maximum adoration.
    • gentlequill

      which time of day do you prefer to have sex?

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      • Fatneasy

        I am married and sleep around

        So as you know, I'm married. My husband is much older than me but he isn't that interested in sex. I have a very high sex drive and although he will manage the occasional fumble, it will never be enough to satisfy me. This is why I will regularly sleep with other men, it's a basic need for m...

        Tags: cheating, sex, married, wife, Fatneasy

        • Londonorbital Man

          The snip

          I have only ever enjoyed bareback sex. It really is the only way to enjoy the fullest of intimacy. If the woman I'm with wasn't on the pill (or if I wasn't sure she was) I used to pull out and cum on her belly or arse. However since I've had a vasectomy I quite happily cum inside ...

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          • Fatneasy

            I sleep with my stepson

            As I've said, my husband is much older than me. I have no kids of my own but my husband has a grown up son. He split from his girlfriend and so came to stop with us for a while. As you know, I wear short skirts, high heels, low cut tops. So whenever I'm around, I notice him checking me ou...

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            • AHNis

              What's your code word for sex?

              Or do you just say sex when there's kids playing in the room?

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              • AHNis

                What age do women stop feeling horny?

                Men are like dogs. Even dead men get erections. jk

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              • I Think Great Sex Starts In The Mind

                I Think Great Sex Starts In The Mind

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              • Curious (Banned)


                I would love to have fun right now .... I define fun as great conversation about sex and possibly trade pictures or webcam on skype .... Message me if you want to have "fun"....

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                • Mizbella

                  Urge to Breed

                  Such strong feelings wanting to be bred! The desire swells inside. The moment you see him you become moist and highly aroused. He exudes such sexual, animal attraction. You don't even notice that you've spread your legs and are cupping yourself! You stand as he gets closer, breathless with antic...

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                  • Mizbella

                    Is it upsetting of your man masturbates after he's had sex with you?

                    If yes, Why?

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                    • AHNis

                      Will you have sex with me?

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                      • onepiece


                        Tags: books, music, gaming, sex, philosophy, kayaking, and working out.

                      • Its Lissa, Bitch (Banned)

                        Its Lissa, Bitch

                        Nude dancer for private parties.

                        Tags: men, women, sex, masturbation, group sex, sexting, sports, basketball, football

                        • AHNis

                          Did you ever walk into your parents doing the rumpy pumpy?

                          How did you react?

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                          • Big daddy

                            Big daddy

                            Here to have some fun

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                            • Londonorbital Man

                              Showing off at the window

                              My living room used to look out over a narrow street into a park area. I had no curtains in that room. I was naked watching porn, my cock was very hard. I knew that people could see in if they really looked. But because it was darker in my room than outside they really had to look delib...

                              Tags: exposed, exposing, naked, sex, masturbating, cock, hard, erection, girls

                            • MelissaH (Banned)


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                              • Jay Veryoral

                                BBW Mature

                                I know quite a few and think they are as sexy as hell. So much I married one. 

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